Trail Maps

Getting to the Arcata Community Forest

The Arcata Community Forest is located on the east side of the City of Arcata. It is accessible from Redwood Park located at the east ends of 11th and 14th Streets; on the southern side from Fickle Hill Road, which begins at the east end of 11th and 7th Streets at Bayside Road; and from the east end of California Street which connects with L.K. Wood Boulevard north of Humboldt State University.

The Community Forest Trails Map (PDF) shows paved roads, dirt trails, and elevation gains. Camping is prohibited in all of Arcata’s timberlands. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash at all times. Equestrians, please inquire at Environmental Services for the best forest access locations.


The Arcata Community Forest is enjoyed by hikers, bikers and horse riders. The brochure, Hike-Horse-Bike: Share The Trail (PDF) provides tips on how to share the trails so that everyone has a pleasant experience. Dog owners enjoy sharing the Forest with their dogs. This brochure describes etiquette for dog owners and their dogs, Arcata City Trails and Dog Etiquette.

South Fork Janes Creek Trail

Thanks to the generosity of the Samuels family, on July 11, 2014 the City of Arcata opened the South Fork Janes Creek Trail (PDF), a new, 2-mile loop trail. The multi-use trail overlaps a 3-quarter mile section of the Arcata Ridge Trail. A 1-half mile segment of the loop will be closed to horse use temporarily until the new tread compacts and becomes more resistant to damage. Recreational users can access the new trail from the Diamond Drive or California Avenue entrances to the Arcata Community Forest, or from Trail #5 and Trail #10 in the Forest's trail system. 85% of this new trail is located on a conservation easement donated to the City by the Samuels family on land adjacent to the northern Arcata Community Forest boundary.

Fly-By Tour

See Arcata Community Forest and experience a fly-by tour of the proposed Ridge Trail thorough Google Earth. This requires Google Earth be installed on your Computer. You will download the City of Arcata's GIS spatial data in .kmz format for use in Google Earth.
  1. Arcata Ridge Trail - Take a detailed fly-by tour of the proposed Arcata's Ridge Trail
  2. Arcata Community Forest Trails (PDF) - Display Arcata Community Forest trails
  3. Sunny Brae Forest Trails (PDF) - Display trails within the Sunny Brae portion of the Community Forest

Interactive Trail Map

Access an interactive trail map for more information.

Smart Phone Users

For Smart Phone users wanting to display Arcata Community Forest Trails on Mobile devices:
  1. Make sure GPS is on. iPhone users: Settings>Locations Services>ON
  2. Copy this smart-phone link
  3. Launch internet browser and navigate to Google Maps
  4. Paste link in top search box and click “search”. You should see roads and trails now downloaded to Google maps. Access  any trail to see trail number and length
More information is available from the City of Arcata's Environmental Services Department.