Business Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Federal, state and local laws require that businesses and citizens put only rain down the drain!

Best Management Practices

The City of Arcata has adopted Best Management Practices for managing stormwater. The Arcata Best Management Practices Manual provides information on correct practices for all types of businesses and construction projects. Please be patient while downloading the Manual. It is 525 pages and will take a long time to download. Hard copies are also available at the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department and at the Arcata Branch of the Humboldt County Library.

Stormwater Management Program Report

For more information regarding the City of Arcata's stormwater management practices, consult the Stormwater Management Program Report.

See the BMP guidance resources for your business:

Stormwater Hotline

A toll-free regional stormwater hotline operated by the North Coast Stormwater Coalition can be called at 1-707-2STORM2 to report active pollution or any other stormwater concerns.