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Current Renewal Fees:  $4247.55 Annual Operating Fee + $319.49 Renewal Fee ($4,567.04 Total).  Find all fees here.

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CCAP Application

All Required Components of CCAP Application.  A complete submittal consists of a 6-page application, and information required on a supplemental 10 exhibits.  A checklist is part of the application form, and is designed to help applicants provide a complete submittal.

Current Application Fees:  $2,655.23 Application Fee + $4,247.55 Annual Operating Fee ($6,902.78 Total)  Find all fees here.

Cannabis activities are allowed in a specific area.  You can find the Commercial Cannabis Innovation Zone map here.  You can find the Retail Sales and Services Map here.

CCAP Information Only 

The CCAP process requires compliance review from six City departments. Processing time varies, and primarily depends on whether a use permit or construction are required.

PLEASE NOTE that applicants may obtain live scans at any authorized agency.  However, we strongly recommend obtaining scans at the Arcata Police Department.  Unless the scans are performed at the APD, we will not know whether the scans are in process.

Are Hazardous Materials used in your manufacturing processes?  Complete our Hazardous Materials Worksheet.

Applications are accepted at the City Hall Service Counter.   Please call Susan Diehl McCarthy at 707-825-2168 for answers about obtaining a permit or status updates on existing applications.
If you have zoning questions, please call the Planning Division at 707-822-5955. If you have building questions, please call the Building Division at 707-822-5956. You are also welcome to make an appointment to discuss your project directly.

Commercial Cannabis Retail Sales and Service

Cannabis Retail Sales & Service Zoning 07-06-2018 Opens in new window

Cannabis retail sales and service regulations went into effect on July 6, 2018 through Ordinance #1501.  The City is accepting applications for cannabis retail sales and services in the zoning areas shown below.  Click the image for a larger view.

Provisional CCAP

The City is accepting applications for Provisional CCAPs.  The purpose is to assist business owners in applying for State licensing.  This is a  non-operational permit.  A business must complete the full CCAP application process to operate.

Provisional CCAP Checklist