Major Development Projects

This page provides information about major developments as they go through permitting processes, and is updated as new information becomes available.  To receive email or text notifications when information is updated, sign up for eNotifications.


The Village Student Housing Project

A proposed 240-unit, 800-bed new student housing development in the Sunset Neighborhood on St. Louis Road.  

Current Status:  Planning Commission hearing scheduled for November 28, 2017.  The draft EIR is in circulation.  Story poles are up (click if you want information about what story poles are).

Available Documents

Appendices A - P to the Draft EIR

A - Notice of Preparation
B - Scoping Meeting Memo
C - Operations & Management Plan
D - Industrial Market Analysis
E - Cultural Resources (Not Attached; CONFIDENTIAL)
F - View Shed Analysis
G - CalEEMod Air Emission Model Results
H - Exterior Noise Analysis
I - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
J - Phase II Investigation Report
K - Water & Wastewater Impacts
L - Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study
M - Geotechnical Investigation
N - Preliminary Stormwater Report
O - Biological Review
P - Wetland Delineation

Photo Simulations - Click Images for Larger Views  (Excerpts from the Draft EIR Chapter 2.6 Aesthetics)

Existing Highway 101 N
Existing Sunset On-ramp
Existing Maple Lane
Figure 2.6P_101 N - Existing SM
Figure 2.6R_Sunset N On-Ramp - Existing SM
Figure 2.6T_Maple Lane - Existing SM
Proposed Highway 101 N
Proposed Sunset On-ramp
Proposed Maple Lane
Figure 2.6Q_101 N - Proposed SM
Figure 2.6S_Sunset N On-Ramp - Proposed SM
Figure 2.6U_Maple Lane - Proposed SM

Sunset Terrace

A complex of 142 one-bedroom units.

Current Status:  Under construction!

Sunset Terrace under Construction 10-2017

Canyon Creek Apartments

A proposed 89-unit multi-family complex on Todd Court, adjacent to Larson Park.

Current Status:  In process; hearing not yet scheduled.

Available Documents:  

Creekside Homes

A proposed residential subdivision and assisted living facility on the West end of Foster Avenue (Foster and Q Street on the North side of the large vacant lot).  

Current Status:  In process; hearing not yet scheduled.

Available Documents:  

Important City-Wide Documents

Traffic Study

The Traffic Study document is an important part of California Environmental Quality Act reviews.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Memo

This analysis in this memo demonstrates that developments currently in process are within the capacity of the current wastewater treatment plant; however, the plant will require upgrades in the reasonably near future.