Sustainable Transportation

  1. What You Can Do
  2. What The City is Doing

The transportation sector accounts for a significant portion of our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Arcata. One approach is to promote the use of alternative modes of transportation, including transit buses, bicycles, and walking. To increase the use of these modes of travel, they need to be both convenient and attractive. We can do this by expanding transit bus services and access (like the Humboldt State University Jack Pass), expanding bike lanes and facilities, making our cities more pedestrian friendly, and designing our cities using "smart growth" concepts that encourage people to get out of their cars.

We should also strive to make our personal automobiles more energy efficient and cleaner. If your car was made after 2000, check to see how often you need to change motor oil. When purchasing a vehicle, it is best to choose the most fuel-efficient model you can. You may also want to consider alternative fuel vehicle choices, such as battery electric vehicles, gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, bio-fuel powered vehicles, and hydrogen powered vehicles. These various options need to be considered carefully in order to determine the best alternative.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Arcata has 2 electric vehicle charging stations located at its 8th and F Street parking lot which will allow electric vehicle drivers to recharge their vehicles while downtown. One, installed in the spring of 2014, is operated by Chargepoint and costs $1 per hour to use. For more information on this charging station, go to the Chargepoint online resource. In 2008, the City installed its first electric vehicle charging station in downtown Arcata, which is not operated by Chargepoint. Welcome to the City of Arcata Electric Vehicle Charging Station (PDF), for instructions on use.

Additionally, electric vehicle owners are eligible for a free parking pass. For more information on this pass, please contact the Police Department.