2016 Arcata City Council Candidates

The following 5 people have been nominated for the 3 City Council seats that will become vacant in November 2016. Each vacancy is for a full 4-year term, to be filled at the general municipal election to be held in the City of Arcata on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

How the names appear on the ballot is decided by a randomized alphabet drawing conducted at the office of the California Secretary of State in Sacramento. The drawing was completed on August 18, 2016. The following list of candidates, certified to be nominees for the Arcata City Council, are shown in the order they will appear on the general municipal election ballot in November.
Candidate Name Phone Number Email Address Mailing Address
Susan Ornelas 707-826-2702 susanjclt@gmail.com 1645 Virginia Way
Michael Winkler 707-822-1857 mlwinkler@yahoo.com 1090 12th Street
Valerie Rose-Campbell 707-496-4770 rosecampbellfamily@gmail.com 880 Courtyard Circle, Apt. C
Paul Pitino 707-822-2556 paulpitino@hotmail.com P.O. Box 4160, Arcata
Daniel Murphy 707-476-3696 danielmurphy1@yahoo.com 115 Samoa Boulevard, Apt. #55