Public Safety Task Force Members


  • Dr. Corliss P. Bennett-McBride
  • Anjali Browning
  • Danielle Dickerson
  • Brooke Epperly
  • Melissa Lazon
  • Stephanie McCaleb

  • Maureen McGarry
  • Joshua Neff
  • Bryan Radzin
  • Gregory Xavier Rodriguez
  • Tracy Smith
  • Darlene Spoor
  • Tom Chapman - Chief of Police, Staff Liaison
The Arcata Public Safety Task Force consists of between 7 and 11 members who are: 
  • Community members living in various parts of the City
  • Business members (owners and/or employees)
  • Representatives from the Humboldt State University student body
  • Representatives from Arcata schools
  • Representatives from community-based organizations.

Member Requirements

All Council appointed members must be live, work or go to school in the City of Arcata.

Unless extended by the City Council, the Public Safety Task Force and its members' terms will sunset on December 6, 2017.

Public Safety Task Force Scope of Work

  • Evaluate, encourage and facilitate resident and business driven efforts to reduce crime and promote safe neighborhoods.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders (locally and regionally) and residents to identify priority projects and programs to increase public safety and reduce crime.
  • Develop community outreach strategies to engage community members in dialogue on safety, educate the community on how to be proactive on issues of safety and develop volunteer support on safety projects.
  • Provide a forum to share comments, issues or concerns regarding public safety issues, including but not limited to crime prevention, community outreach and education and training.
  • Identify potential funding sources to support priority projects and programs. 
  • Evaluate the long-term structural support that would best provide long-lasting, comprehensive and dynamic engagement on issues of public safety, (i.e. City Committee, community–based collaborative, etc).