Building & Planning

The Building Division and Planning Division are often linked because many planning permits lead to building permits.  Both divisions are part of the Arcata Community Development Department (which also includes Economic Development and Housing).  The primary purpose of the Building and Planning Divisions is to ensure that development within the City complies with local (the Arcata Municipal Code), state, and federal laws. 

The Building Division ensures the health and welfare of the residents of Arcata by regulating construction, alteration, use, and occupancy of buildings through application of standardized building codes. Code compliance is verified through plan review, permit issuance and on-site inspections.

The Planning Division is responsible for long- and short-range City planning and implementation in accordance with the City's General Plan and Land Use Code (part of the Municipal Code).  This includes code and design review, permitting of development projects, environmental review, annexations, and historical resources.  This also includes development of parts of the City's General Plan, such as the Housing Element, or plans such as the Local Coastal Plan.  Planners also work with Commissions and Committees to ensure that Land Use Code reflects current land uses.